We Are Back

27 01 2011

Sorry everyone we all were very busy stay tunned for some up coming features.


Check it out

29 07 2010

Hey guys check out some new videos that we have posted up on the video reviews page or Click Here

The New Bailey Technologies

29 07 2010

Hey there viewers today me and the crew decided that today was a good day to redo the site its been looking the same for a while and we just wanted a change so we made it look a little more eye catching nothing has changed as far as the ay to get around the site but it looks nicer tell us what you think at BaileyTechnologies@gmail.com


6 07 2010

Hello every one just wanna wish you happy 4th of July.

Change Is Good

18 06 2010

Hello every one today I am proud to announce that from here on out the You Tell Me page Will no longer be what it is. From now on the You Tell Me page will have pictures of tech equipment that looks cool and is built different. leave a comment under it telling us what picture you want to comment on and then leave your comment Thank you and enjoy.

Summer Time!

17 06 2010

Sorry guys I know its been a while since I updated my web site but since its summer I am free to update it anytime. Now heres the deal I need your help. I wanna start making some partner videos with my friends over at the uncoolguys. But we both need your help so if you have any suggestions email me at justinbailey.tech@gmail.com thanks for thanks for your help.

Sales Guy VS Web Dude

29 03 2010

OK we know this is a little unprofessional but it is really funny so enjoy